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Al on Tarian Bali, Indonesia
Very beautiful shot. If i paint this on canvas, what about the licence or permittion? Thanks :)

toni pons barro on Blue Skies
Precious photos on your blog, I like the way to photograph your surroundings. the compositions and textures. ...

Volodia on Blue Skies
Nice clouds.

azienazi87 on Zurina & Irfan's Engagement Day
thank you dj.tigersprout. :)

dj.tigersprout on My cousin's wedding
interesting composition and diagonal angle.

dj.tigersprout on Sunset cloud
ooh -- quite like these clouds... well done.

dj.tigersprout on Sunrise~!! ^_____^
beautiful composition and capture here... radiant.

dj.tigersprout on Zurina & Irfan's Engagement Day
this is really a wonderful collage of photos

azienazi87 on Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007
thank you. =)

kamagotchi on Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007
One of the best fireworks snapshot I have ever seen.

Sandrine on it's...rising..
Great sunrise...

badala on Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007

Rasso on Indonesian Dancer
Nice shoot :D

Nawfal Nur on Tarian Bali, Indonesia
Hi, I see you like dance photography - Me too! Nice capture - she's beautiful - nice saturated color.

azienazi87 on Sunrise~!! ^_____^
To Rahul: this heavenly place is surrounded with tall buildings. =)

Sergio on Sunrise~!! ^_____^
wow !!!!!! =D

Beckie on Sunrise~!! ^_____^
Awesome!!! Colors are wonderful!

Rahul on Sunrise~!! ^_____^
Wonderful shots, your sunsets are stunning.... where was this shot btw, where is this heavenly place hehehe ;-)

azienazi87 on Sunrise~!! ^_____^
ehe..thanks!! =)

Alain on Sunrise~!! ^_____^
Very nice sunrise!

Jerry Moores on Sunrise~!! ^_____^
Wonderfully brilliant sunrise azienazi!!! Excellent!

azienazi87 on Sunset cloud
thank you. i actually missed the most beautiful sunset i ever seen a few minutes before i captured this.

amy on Sunset cloud
Intense colours. Wow.

Helen on Sunset cloud
Wow, now that is one SERIOUS sunset!

Rahul on Sunset cloud
Lovely shot and beautiful sky color.

Streetlights on Sunset cloud
super inspiring photo. excellent warm sky texture and color. very good exposure.

Jerry on Sunset at Cyberjaya
GORGEOUS sunset azienazi87! Wonderful colors!

Evie on Indonesian Dancer
Lovely! Beautiful colors and clarity.

Jerry on Indonesian Dancer
WOW! Spectacular image azienazi! Wonderful colors and detail! Beautiful dancer!

Rahul on A chinese dancer
Fantastic closeup and very clear details. Nice shot pal.

Jerry on MMU 10th Anniversary
Wonderful image with gorgeous color throughout! Excellent job azienazi!

azienazi87 on Tarian Bali, Indonesia
Thank you. =)

agathe on Tarian Bali, Indonesia
very beautiful picture! She looks very graceful! The colours are amazing! It's a very nice capture!

Nikos on Modern Indian dance
I like this shot.I wish I could see her dance too!

azienazi87 on Modern Indian dance
thank you. =)

azienazi87 on Puteri
thanxx! ^___^

Streetlights on Modern Indian dance
Excellent shot. Well done. This is stock photo material!

ayn on Puteri
nice shot babe...keep it up...

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